Our Ministries

Our ministries

Dew of Blessing C&S Church London branch has 7 core ministries, each of these ministries work towards the same common goal – to ensure the Good News is shared effectively. Each ministry has its own part to play but no ministry is more important than the other. We take the work we do in our ministries seriously and we see it as a way to equip the body of Christ. More about our different ministries can be found below.


Teaching of Scripture is at the heart of what we do – our online Bible study services take place on Wednesdays from 8 pm.

Here we delve deep into the word of God through interactive groups, to discover the principles by which believers can be empowered to build God-centred lives.

Teachings usually run in a series and are sometimes published as study aides.

Prophet Dr E A Adedeji


Our children meet to worship their creator every Sunday.

They are taught Christian values through Bible stories and by discussing various biblical topics of interests.

Sessions are held in a private space and led by Sunday School teachers who love Jesus and are called to empower children to live for God from a young age.

They also organise yearly outings at specific times of the year to celebrate key Christian festivals.


Our choir lead us in Bible-based hymnals, with praise and worship for all in-person services, ministering in various languages to reach the heart of our Creator.

Prophet Dr E A Adedeji


Here at Dew of Blessing, evangelism is a cornerstone and key mission of our church.W e frequently go into the community on Saturdays or Sundays after service to speak to people about Jesus, His love for them and how He wants to draw them near to God.

We also ensure the wellbeing of each member not just spiritually, but also physically, mentally and emotionally in order that we can all have the abundant life Jesus has paid the price for on the Cross.


The media team is active on various platforms, from Facebook to YouTube and lnstagram.

They produce flyers, posters and promotional videos to support all our events.

They also manage weekly broadcast of our services.

Prophet Dr E A Adedeji


We offer a prophetic ministry here at Dew of Blessing – God pours His Spirit regularly to exhort, encourage and strengthen believers.

In addition, the Church believes in helping every member to grow in their ability to hear God for themselves and others.


The Church Wardens are responsible for the smooth running of our services, including the intercessory role of the Leader of Service.

Prophet Dr E A Adedeji